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Phuket - Patong Beach

Day 3

sunny 40 °C

Today we arrived in Phuket after leaving Phi Phi Island behind. Spent the morning sunbaking by the pool. Met a nice group of British tourists who had just come from Phuket and who were travelling to Australia after Thailand. We then said goodbye to our hotel and boarded the ferry back to Phuket pier. After another 2 and a half hour boat ride we caught a bus to our hotel which took another hour but we finally got there. The hotel is really nice (Comfort Resort)and our room is extremely spacious. We are basically right on the beach - only a road seperates us and we have a view of the beach from our balcony.

We went out to dinner and had some excellent thai food. Went to bed realtively early tonight as we were so tired from all the moving about. There a heaps of shops near us but we will try our bargaining skills out tomorrow. Tomorrow we will go exploring and hopefully find a few bargains!. Went out for a drink but we seemed to be the only ones under 30 there so our night ended pretty early.


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Phi Phi Island

Day 2

sunny 34 °C

Another hot day in Thailand. Woke up early this morning - body not yet used to Thai Time - 4 hours behind. Sepnt the morning sunbaking by the poolside - finished reading the Davinci Code - loved it. Had lunch at the restaurant - tried a Thai curry for the first time - have found a new favourite meal. We walked along the beach - the views are spectacular - lots of islands and not a cloud in the sky.

In the afternoon we hired snorkels and went snorkelling in the ocean outside the hotel. It was amazing - there were so many fish so close to the shore. There were ltos of different kinds - on that kept trying to attack me. The water is warm here - it felt like i was in a bath!

Spent the rest of the afternoon reading on the beach before trying the traditional dish of Pad Thai for dinner - it was delicious. Early to bed again - no TV to keep us entertained so we played cards. Tommorow we leave for phuket - really excited!


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We're off...

and racing

sunny 36 °C

Day one of our 6 week journey. So much moving about today - am quite tired. The plane ride from Melbourne to Phuket was long and I couldn't sleep so it made it even longer. No movies worth watching and the plane food was horrible as expected - but at least we arrived safely. Customs took a while to get through but no major hassles.

First impressions of Thailand is that it is really hot - over 30C and it was only 6am. From the airport we took a bemo to the marina (the wrong place) then to the pier, in all an hour and a half journey! From there we took a ferry ride to Phi Phi Island - althouhg it took 2 and a half hours, the views were stunning. A long tail boat from the ferry to our hotel dock led us to a tractor which took us to reception after we were hearded onto the back like cattle!(This had me a bit worried) However the hotel - The Phi Phi Natural Resort - is nice and we have our own private bungalow with a small view of the ocean from the balcony. Am sleeping on a trundle bed :( but it is only for 2 nights.

We spent the afternoon by the swimming pool which has a great view of the ocean and surrounding islands - the weather is still so hot! Dinner at the Hotel restuarant was good but not as cheap as i expected. A relatively early night - not much of a nightlife at our hotel, but the sleep was well needed.

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