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Phuket - Karon Beach

Day 8

rain 30 °C

Today we hired a Tuk-Tuk and drove down to Karon Beach. We went shopping at Karon Plaza then ate lunch at a Scandanavian Restuarant - odd choice but great food.

We spent the afternoon at the beach sunbaking and swimming - the water was a lot clearer than at Patong Beach but when we were there there seemed to be a jellyfish problem!

We returned back to Patong Beach for dinner at an Aussie Pub to have Italian food - turning into quite a multi-cultural day! We walked back to the hotel with the intention to go out later that night but unfortunately we were hit by a storm that night which started at 9pm and was still raining well past midnight. So we didn't go out. Instead we turned in for another well earned sleep.

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Day 7

sunny 37 °C

Today was again a long day. We went shopping in the morning - still haven't really bought anything. We then spent the afternoon by the beach, where Brenda was chatted up by some local boys. The sun is still really hot everyday so i am getting a bit of a tan.

We went out for dinner and watched a live band perform - they were pretty good even if they couldn't pronounce all the English words correctly.

Tonight we went to Banana Disco again - so much fun here, i really enjoyed myself. Our neighbours from the hotel - who are french - met us there but we didn't spend too much time with them. We stayed until closing again - but the girls got a tired a lot longer before me. We got home and stayed up a little longer before eventually going to sleep at around 3am.

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Day 6

sunny 34 °C

Today we hired a driver and went to some of Phuket's attractions. Tong, our driver, took us to the Phuket Zoo. We saw three different shows. First there was the monkey show - it was quite cute and really funny but at the same time was still sad to see animals in those conditions. Between the shows i fed a baby elephant bananas - it was so cute. Then we saw a crocodile wrestling show - the trainers worked the crocodiles into a frenzy then wreslte them - it actually seemed quite dangerous. Then we saw an elephant show - they were so well trained - they could even play soccer. After the show ended we visited the aquarium and avaiary but there was nothing really to write home about.

Our driver then took us to a 'really cheap' place for lunch - which of course was expensive and not very good. He then took us to a gem factory - nice but still wasn't going to buy any. Then we were taken to a local shopping mall which was cheap and quite fun.

We got back to the hotel and went out for dinner - mine was terible - a bad day for food. Later that night we went to Banana Disco - a local nightclub. It was so much fun - lots of dancing and an eclectic mix of dancers - stayed until closing time (2am) and then went back to the hotel for some well earned rest and relaxation.

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Phuket - Patong Beach

Day 5

sunny 37 °C

Today we had a very busy day. After a quick breakfast we travlled around to all the tour companies and booked ourselves seats at a cabaret for tonight. We had lunch and spent the afternoon exploring by ourselves. I went shopping but held off on buying anything.

After a delicious dinner of Thai fried noodles and gravy we headed of in a bus to the famous Simon Cabaret. Simon Cabaret is a drag show but it is so much more than that. We had VIP seats and were so close to the stage. The show was a fantastic spectacle and parts of it made me burst out laughing. Some of the drag queens were completely feminine - couldn't tell them apart from real women, however some were still quite masculine. The show was great and i'm sure will prove to be a highlight of the trip.

When we got back from the show the festival was still going so we stayed out for a while longer. We were offered a chance to see a 'ping-pong' show but we had to decline! Finally we made our way back to the hotel for a well needed rest.


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Phuket - Patong Beach

Day 4

sunny 32 °C

A busy day today. Spent the morning shopping - got a few bargains. We had a quick lunch and then headed off to the beach. Unlike Bail you have to pay to sit on the beach chairs - although it is not expensive. The water is nice but doesn't seem to be as warm as before.

After dinner we went out and to our luck there was a festival on that night. The Loy Krathong Festival -

Under the full moon, Thai's float way onto waterways, Krathongs, small lotus shaped banana leaf boats, containing a lighted candle, glowing incense, a flower and a small coin to honour water spirits and to wash away the past years sins.

We watching a dancing show - lots of 'ladyboys' and then we headed of for a drink at one of the bars. There are lots of bars but unfortunately most of them cater to men - sadly there seems to be an awfully large amount of prostitution in Phuket. Phuket doesn't come alive til after 11pm so it was our first real late night escapade.


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